In today's economy, you need a full understanding of your organization's brainpower.

In our fast-paced and competitive economy, knowledge is power. And part of knowing is having an honest and accurate assessment of how well the brains in your organization are functioning. You need healthy and productive brains. At Suva, we have the expertise in both neuroscience and technology to ensure that you do.

We are equipped to help you with a wide variety of research and analysis needs. We can help you measure fatigue or optimize both mental and physical performance. We can help you monitor recovery from brain injuries or mental illnesses. Or perhaps you have your own ideas about how our neuroscience research could help you develop or improve a product. We love challenges and would be happy to discuss any interesting custom project!

How Suva Can Help

To help you explore the full range of our brain analysis capacities, we have divided them into four main categories. For the fullest level of detail about our analytical services for organizations, we encourage you to read the downloadable guides (in PDF format) that are available on this page.

How tired is your organization? Research has amply demonstrated that fatigued brains are far less efficient and make a greater number of avoidable errors along the way. The safety and productivity of your organization are at stake. We can begin by providing you with an overall fatigue evaluation to identify areas of concern. With more active, ongoing monitoring, we can even help you evaluate which team members should be assigned to an important task at any given moment. We can tell the difference between a person who is operating at peak capacity and one who needs rest and recuperation.

To succeed as an elite-level athlete, you need to focus on your brain as much as your body. When you are approaching your peak cognitive performance, your athletic performance is sharper and suffers from fewer errors. Reduced cognitive function is a likely cause of an athlete's cold streak, while optimized cognitive function can contribute to a hot streak. This kind of research and analysis is particularly game changing for team sports. Choosing the best starting lineup to achieve a win requires identifying the players with the best cognitive function on that particular day.

Our most comprehensive brain analysis service gives key members of your organization the fullest possible breakdown of everything that we can tell them about the functioning of their brains. This information enables your personnel to optimize their job performance. This service also helps when brains get injured or experience illness. Suva's technology can be used to help detect these problems. And just as importantly, we can help monitor the brain's progress over long periods of recovery. It is frustrating for patients to not have a quantitative method for monitoring their recovery and confirming that progress is actually being made. Suva can help.

We look forward to speaking to you about how our brain analysis services can help your organization!

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